Friday, January 25, 2008


Dedicated to all my friends..

1. Friends always make sure they don't notice the haircut you've spent a bomb on (Oh... You really had a haircut?? Looks all the same...)
2. And always make fun of your fashion sense (That's a t shirt? He he.. tumhe kaafi suit karta hei!)
3. Friends die of shock when you tell them a hot boy said you're cute (You??? Did he say this before or after you had that pimple?)
4. Friends spend a major part of their lives introducing you to the world of abuses and then pretend to be shocked when you use it (You're not such a young conservative Brahmin girl after all....)
5. Friends never let you forget the mistakes you've made (remember how u reacted after spilling juice on Ur dress that day?)
6. Friends come up with bright ideas to have ice cream in peak winters and convince you to do the same
7. Friends indulge you with the yummiest desserts and chocolates because they know that's the way to cheer you up
8. Friends cover you with a blanket when you're curled up on the train berth
9. Friends always have a story worse than yours, a love life worse than yours, a problem worse than yours or so they make you believe when you start feeling low
10. Friends download the coolest music and pass it on to you without you even asking

Friends really have this strange way of knowing exactly what you want them to say when you're down, exactly when you need a hug, when you need a pat, when you need a laugh, when you want to be alone.... And you love each and every one of them despite all their strange mad ways! :-)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Love Triangle??!!

What happens when 2 women are in love with the same man?
There is bound to be jealousy... And what if the two women share the same name, the same spaces and sometimes even the same kitchen? Arguments? Competition?

So, how exactly can the man play the balancing act?
He would like to believe that he is treating both of them fairly. He loves both the women in different ways. However, sometimes one relationship may take a back seat over the other due to the time-span of the relationship and vice versa. But definitely he would have his preferences...

And how about the women?
From their point of view, the object of either’s love is same but the degree, totally different... And these two women love the man too much to blame him, so the blame goes entirely on the other woman in his life. And that is when the conflict begins and the man gets pulled into it whether he likes it or not.

Problem problem...

A little bit of intelligence could sort this out easily...
1. They should have the basic understanding that neither of them hates the other
2. Space- to each other – Hey! Be practical. The guy cannot always take only you out for shopping or some function- both of you can join him during some of the occasions...
3. Sportsmanship – Come on! Be a sport- one of you HAS to be second. Both of you can’t be equally good at everything – be it cooking his favorite dish or being his listening ear or being his best friend…
4. Times do change – you could be or would have been in the other’s shoes some time or the other…

Oh yeah! I completely forgot to mention one more thing... The 2 women I’m talking about here are the Mother-in-Law and the Daughter-in-Law! ;-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

New year Tag..

A very happy and prosperous new year to all of you.. Just thought this was a good way to begin the year.. A very simple one.. You'll have to answer this for me..

What would you say to the person you were one year ago?

Here's what i'd have told..

"You have NO idea of the adventures 2007 is going to bring! You will be amazed at how much change will happen in the next 12 months. You wouldnt have seen this much growth, happiness and love from people so far. Embrace every moment and never, ever, doubt yourself. Be the powerful and balanced person you are and you will always achieve your goals.. All the best!"

May be i would also add a small note saying "Thank you for making the choices you did, because I wouldn't be where I am now without you.." :-)

Let me tag kamini, Yezdi.. ;-) Hiphop grandmom, Y, Prabhu and Chandni to see what they would've told their alter ego a year ago.. Others are most welcome if they feel inclined..