Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A gift!

Hum: Hey
Tum: Hello! Hows u?
Hum: Am ok.. you know what, today is my friend's birthday. Am thinking of getting him some nice gift.. Suggest something na..
Tum: hmm.. How about a watch?
Hum: He already has one
Tum: A tie or cufflings?
Hum: He doesnt wear or use them
Tum: hmm.. then Some books or CD?
Hum: So boring.. cant you think of anything innovative? I want to give him something that lasts for a lifetime..
Tum: Ok, Then get him a life insurance policy!! ;-)
Hum: !!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Heavy Rains.. Eat hot bajji and pakkoda.. Schools closed.. Postpone homework.. Play in the rain..
Feel guilty about homework in the evening.. Visit the nearby temple.. Come back home.. Eat bajjis and pakkoda..

Power cut.. Finish homework in the candle light.. Amma would be cursing in the background.. Have dinner with family sitting on the floor..

Sleep listening to the thavalai satham.. It is nostalgic, but I dont miss my school days now..

No homework.. Sigh! Life is good now.. Now it is only work from home! :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We had a session at my workplace today on 'Perspective' and how you can develop yourself with a positive attitude.. The trainer spoke about how there could be a situation and two of them could see the same situation in completely different ways.. Its up to us to make the most out of any situation..
He then told a story which went like this..

There was a man who owned a dog and a cat.. He took care of both of them very well.. Gave them rich food, took them to the veterinarian doctor whenever required and made sure that they are both healthy and happy.

The Dog looked at the person and thought to itself : This man is so good. He takes care of me so well.. gives me the best of foods, keeps me happy always.. HE MUST BE GOD!

The Cat on the other hand thought : This man is so good. He takes care of me so well.. gives me the best of foods, keeps me happy always.. I MUST BE GOD..!! :-)

So, Its all a matter of perspective isnt it? Just be positive.. Look for an opportunity in every little event and Success will be yours! ;-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The homecoming..

Read this awesome article and just had to share it.. Its quite long, but written exceptionally well.. am sure a lot of us will relate to it.. :-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cheeni kum?! :-)

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Recipe books! Whenever I see one, I groan.

Believe me, I hate cooking, be it boiling water or preparing a full course meal.

Many of them say that recipe books are the best thing that couldn't happened to people like me.. but then, i find them so wrong.. The problem is not that I cant cook, but just that I'm too lazy
to be stuck in the kitchen cooking up delicacies to reach people's hearts through their stomachs! ;-)

And talk about recipe books..

Exact measures never ever seem to work! oh come on... moms never go by them and yet how great their preparations turn out to be..
Just incomparable! And what's amazing is how they always know how much of sugar to add to the jamun, "a little more than 2 cups.."

"Don't worry! once the dish gets boiled, the quantity will reduce by itself.."

Or how just another pinch of salt would make the most delicious of pulaos..

or even how half a second extra boiling can make the rice semi solid..

I've never seen mom follow the instructions in any cookbook... the '2 teaspoons of butter' always becomes 'half of this little cup.. 2 spoons will be too less', all this while I just look on in wonder!!!

Hmmm..!! guess the only way I can reach that state of 'Perfection' is by spending hours and hours in the kitchen, burning my fingers and a few err.. dishes too! ;-)

Well.. That's my outlook on cooking and recipe books.. Anyways, On another note.. here's wishing all of you a great year 2009.. May this be a fulfilling year for you and may all your dreams come true.. :-)