Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Heavy Rains.. Eat hot bajji and pakkoda.. Schools closed.. Postpone homework.. Play in the rain..
Feel guilty about homework in the evening.. Visit the nearby temple.. Come back home.. Eat bajjis and pakkoda..

Power cut.. Finish homework in the candle light.. Amma would be cursing in the background.. Have dinner with family sitting on the floor..

Sleep listening to the thavalai satham.. It is nostalgic, but I dont miss my school days now..

No homework.. Sigh! Life is good now.. Now it is only work from home! :-)

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Sreekrishnan said...

Bajji and pakkoda Features again and again :)

brings back that memory .. and thinking now, i feel homework was much better than Work now ! There is always a masala poi that follows in the school next day [Power cut so couldnt finish my homework - where the whole class agrees :) ]