Monday, December 29, 2008

Giftooo giftu...!

Gone are those days when people were anxious to know what gifts they got. Nowadays its all about hoping that the unwanted gifts don't exceed the storage space at your home.
There are 3 broad categories when it comes to gift 'items':
* Innovative types : Only 5% belong to this category. They know your tastes, they know how usable it is to you, they know that the chances of someone else gifting the same item are slim.
* Ganesha types : If I were Lord Shiva or Vishnu, I would have cursed the entire humanity for how I am ignored when it comes to gift items. A typical conversation of a couple goes about like this:
Husband: We have to go to that wedding in the evening.
Wife: What gift shall we buy?
Husband: Some Ganesha gift item of course.
Wife: (smiling) Of course! (What else?)
65% of the people fall under this category. Ganesha has got great range, he comes in all forms - from the most artistic to highly innovative to funny to absolutely ridiculous. My friend has a collection of over 150 Ganeshas - dancing, playing music, sitting, standing, sleeping, programming - you name it, we have it. So every time someone gives a Ganesha, its mostly the one you already have. Or even worse, you get two pieces of the same variety on the same day.
I love you Ganesha, but bring on the Hanumans, Ayyappas, and Gajalakshmis please!
* Clock types : No occasion is complete without a few unusable clocks being gifted. 40% of the people fall under this category as well.
I am seriously planning to have one of living room walls as a "clock wall" and hang all the clocks that we got, each one set to the time zone of a different country.
Those of you who must be wondering why the percentages are not adding up properly, Its just that I'm weak in maths and also 10% of the people actually gift clocks with Ganesha on them! ;-)
And by the way, If you are not the innovative types when it comes to gifts, better stick to giving cash. You will be really appreciated.
There are many varieties in the cash givers as well and each one may belong to one of more of these categories:
* Anonymous : There will always be a few who do not write their names on the gift covers. May be because they are the "i-don't-want-to-be-discovered-of-giving-so-less" type. The rest belong to the very old thinking that even writing their names on the covers amounts to showing off.
* Cover less Anonymous : Among the gift covers, you will at least find a note given by someone who just slipped it into your hands while offering a handshake. May be these are the ones who paid an unexpected visit, had no gift cover, at the same time did not
wish to go gift less.
* The Plus One Rupee types : They will never ever give you money without a one rupee coin along with the gift amount. One logic I have heard from them is that "plus one" means continual growth. The gift value only has to be 51, 101 and so on.
The funny thing about this is, may be 50 years ago one rupee was still a decent gift amount, now to think of it.. whats the value of a rupee anyways..

So, what have your observations been when it comes to giving and receiving gifts? :-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Law can be so dumb??!

Came across this list on a forwarded message and was totally amused ! Made some additions to this list ( authentic, of course, I double checked online) and sharing it here. Read on:
* A Member of Parliament must not enter the House of Commons wearing a full suit of armour.
* Committing suicide is classified as a capital crime – punishable by death. (Duhh...)
* Sticking a postage stamp, bearing the Queens portrait, upside down on an envelope is an act of treason.
* It is illegal to kiss on railways. (Is it acceptable everywhere else?)
* Pigs must not be called Napoleon.
* A man may be imprisoned for wearing a skirt. ( uh ho. No prob.. Just skip on to Scotland!)
* A person convicted of littering three times, will have to clean the streets on Sundays wearing a sign saying "I am a litter lout."
South Korea:
* Traffic police are required to report all bribes that they receive from motorists. ( report the bribe and then slip it into the pocket? ;))
* In Victoria only licensed electricians may change a light bulb.
* In Victoria it is illegal to wear pink pants after midday on a Sunday. (Who would want to wear pink pants anyways?)
* Driving a vehicle while blindfolded is prohibited.
* It is forbidden for a man to beat his wife more than once a month (Once a month is justified?? Huh)
New York:
* A man greeting another by “placing the end of his thumb against the tip of his nose and wiggling the extended fingers of that hand." Will be arrested for disorderly conduct. :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Five word Post!

* Working from home seems good.

* I love waking up late.

* Babban treats for Sachin's century! ;)

* Sometimes uncertainities can be killing.

* Switzerland is my dream country.

* Will i visit Switzerland someday? :)

* Bugged with browsing TV channels.

* I miss the girl talk.

* Its such a lazy day.

* I'm dreaming too much nowadays.

* Five word writing is cool.

This seems very interesting.. why not u guys try it out too.. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thought for today!

There was a time when I thought hardwork and dedication at any cost were my life’s principles.
This was before I met money! ;-)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Periyavaa sonna Perumal sonna maadhiri..

Okie for all those non tamizh speaking folks out there, this post would be like watching a French movie with subtitles.. ;-) Anyways, what does the title mean ? It goes like this.. “When elders give you an advice, its as though GOD himself is doing it.” (Alright mom, I know the translation is pathetic! )

Here's a list of things that my mom, Patti and others told us when we were kids and they continue to do it even now..

  • You are not supposed to cut your nails after 6 in the evening.
  • When someone sneezes when you are about to leave your house, you have to sit down and drink a glass of water (Now don’t ask me why)
  • When you see a cat cross the road , you are supposed to stop right there for a second and then start walking again.
  • You should not whistle during the night. It seems whistling during the night invites thieves.. (Yeah right!)
  • You are not supposed to lie down or sleep during the 'velakku aethara neram' (roughly translates to 'The time when lamp is lit in front of god')
  • You shouldn't sit on a pillow. Thalagani maela okkaandha kandan varum. (Now you know the reason behind the recession in America!)

The list is just endless.. Though we all know these things made no sense, we still followed it being scared of the consequences or not wanting to hurt their sentiments. We followed every rule because Periyavaa Sonna Perumal Sonna Maadhiri.. :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Of books and their titles..!

I have a feeling that authors spend more time in coming up with a catchy title for their book than spending time on writing the book itself. One example that comes to my mind is 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'.. Most of the reviews for the book have been quite critical and I fail to understand how this book has been in the limelight. I even heard that Tamil comedian Vivek presented this book to former President Abdul Kalam.

Anyways, on a lighter note.. Here are some funny/unique book titles that i came across..

*How to kill your husband (and other handy household hints) by Kathy Lette

* When Your Phone Doesn't Ring, It'll Be Me by Cynthia Heimel

* Women Are from Venus, Men Are from Hell by Amanda Newman

* If God was a Banker by Ravi Subramanian

*How to Write a How to Write Book by Brian Paddock

So, How many such names can u remember? :-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Web is Us/ing Us..

Here's something that really fascinated me.. A must watch.. :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008


   I'm not a techie and usually dont go about talking about such stuff.. But there are always exceptions.. :-)

 Presenting Google Chrome! Its the awesomest (Is that even a word?!) browser that i've used so far.. Its fast, looks cool and hasnt given me any problems for the past fews days that i've been using it for..

 Incognito is really cool too. Quoting Google..

‘'You’ve gone incognito. Pages you view in this window won’t appear in your browser history or search history, and they won’t leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however’'

Super cool isnt it?! I dont think i would ever miss firefox.. :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marriage and all that Jazz! :-)

I had attended a friend's wedding a few days back and it only makes me wonder as to who would the mastermind
be behind creating something like a marriage and all things attached to it... Dont get me wrong but certain customs
and traditions in weddings just get me laughing my guts out..

So, it all began with the early morning wedding rituals.. People generally speak from the bride's point of view.. but coming to think of it, its the groom who is in a pathetic state comparitively.. How else could one explain the logic of the kanyadhaanam or the mangalya dhaaranam ceremonies where the bride would be dressed in beautiful sarees like the 'madisar' and our poor groom gets to wear a ridiculously translucent panchakajam and a pancha paathram in front of him carry on the traditions.. :-)

Utmost attention is given to the bride's make up to make her look divine and beautiful on her special day but
all that the groom gets is a 'pattai' on his forehead or a 'dhrishti pottu' that ensures he looks pathetic..

Every man finds his wife absolutely gorgeous in the wedding saree.. However i'm still waiting for some girl to
tell me that she finds her husband looking stunning in his pancha kajam and vibhoodhi pattai.. ;-)

Next was the reception where the bride and groom were trying hard to smile at every tom, dick and harry wishing them.
They would be wishing the couple saying, "Do bring him/her home sometime" apart from wishing them a happy married life.. Just imagine, even if the bride and groom visit one family a weekend, they would be atleast 80 years old by the time they visit all the well wishers!!

And yes! how can we forget the tradition of women gifting 'blouse pieces' along with the thaamboolam to the women who attend the wedding.. Poor men, They usually get nothing, The lucky ones however might get something like a hand kerchief..
And if u are a girl and belong to the close family of the bride/ groom, you are entitled to a saree and men get a lousy 'shirt piece' (Usually a white with blue stripes or a beige coloured one) in this case too!

Hmm.. It sure is a woman's world out there.. ;-)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happiness is..

...when you're reading in bed just before dozing off to sleep and find yourself hungry, but can't think of anything to snack on in the kitchen and you are too lazy to get up and walk up there anyway - then finding that pack of Kurkure within your arm's reach next to your bed, without even having to move a bit.. And you proceed to finish the packet while continuing to read happily.

Wow.. Bliss! :-)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Why dont people name their daughters Kaikeyi or Draupadi?
Its sad.. but history has ruined some lovely names.. what say? ;-)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hum Tum again! :)

Hum : Just sketch the route out for me and I'll reach there..
Tum : Are u sure u don't want me to come?
Hum : Of course I am sure! No problem
Hum - Thinking to herself: {I've been in this place for so long and yet I'm so unsure of the routes.. Should i ask him to come along?....
No way.. What would he think of me?! I'll manage on my own! BIG DEAL!}
Tum: Ok, Take care.. Call me once you reach.. Bye.

The bus came.. she got in and waved to him. She just about settled down in the seat and her cell phone rang .

Tum: Did u get a seat?
Hum: Yes I got it.
Tum: You need to get down at the sixth stop.. don’t forget!
Hum: yeah I won’t forget. Now cut the call.. :-)

At the Fifth stop, Hum's phone rings again. Hum looks at the phone and picks it up with a grin.. it was Tum!!

Hum: I will get down at the next stop, Don't worry! :-)
Tum: Yeah I know.. just wanted to make sure!!

Hum gets down at the sixth stop and starts walking towards the exit and there's another ring on her phone.

Tum: (Sounding Happy) Good you reached safely!
Hum: Ya ya.. Thanks to you.. You are a good guide u know..
Tum: Oh really! By the way, nice weather.. How about some ice-cream?
Hum: What??
Tum: If you don't take it from me now, it will sure melt..

The voice was no longer coming from her cell phone..
she turns back and there he was.. Smiling, with 2 ice creams in his hand! :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reasons to love work! ;-)

Here are 5 Reasons i Just love my work for.. ;-)



The Ponds White Beauty commercial:
Found this ad on You tube.. Another version of the Priyanka-Saif ad thats being shown on tv nowadays.. I strongly feel such ads must be banned.. What does it portray? The guy likes the girl only because shes fair?

Where is the media today going? While there is little doubt that advertisements help sell products, equally, if such a product exists and if it is being endorsed by some of the hottest film stars, then it is merely a reflection of societal biases..

And Pleeeaaaase! Which girl would wait for a guy who actually left her because of her darker complexion? I guess the Ad-makers of today must realise that Sensible women no longer want to just look like Cindrellas for their men but want to be liked/loved for their smartness and independence rather than being liked for their Complexion! :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Babban, This one's specially for you.. ;-)

(Click on the Picture to enlarge)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The trap-tag--25 things about YOU!

Came accross this tag on PS's blog.. Very interesting.. If any of you are interested, do take it up.. There are twenty five questions below which you have to answer, using only ONE word. You can get as creative as you like — but ONLY ONE WORD. Here goes my list!

1. Your cell phone? - Identity
2. Your significant other? - Smiley
3. Your hair? - Black
4. Your mother? - Adorable
5. Your father? - Friend
6. Your favorite thing? - Nothing
7. Your dream last night? - Beach
8. The room you're in? - Lounge
9. Your fear? - Loneliness
10. What you're not? - Judging
11. The last thing you did before logging on? - Travel
12. Where did you grow up? - Bangalore
13. Favourite drink? - Mirindaaaah
14. What are you wearing? - Attitude
15. Your TV? - Entertaining
16. Your pet? - Tuffy
17. Your computer ? - Addictive
18. Favourite place? - Home
19. Your mood right now? - Happy
20. Missing someone? - Terribly
21. Something you're not wearing? - Mask
22. Love someone? - Unconditionally
23. Your favorite color? - Lavender
24. Kids? - Cute
25. Your life? - Fun

Passing thought..!

In a country of free speech, why are there phone bills? ;-)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A kodak moment!

It was going to be my farewell day in school.. I had spent 12 Splendid years in this school which had almost become my second home.. Seemed very difficult to be leaving this wonderful place and moving on to college.. But still, there was this small feeling of happiness in me to be experiencing freedom for the first time.. But at the same time it was painful to be leaving such wonderful memories and the beautiful place and those great teachers who had taught us so much.. I wanted to capture every little moment of that day and take the memories with me..

Most of my school friends had a camera then and i didnt.. I very badly wanted one and told my dad very innocently that he should get me a camera right away, else i wouldnt talk to him at all.. Dad tried explaining to me that it would be pretty expensive for him to get a camera and there would be some cost each time we use it.. but i would listen to none of it.. I just wanted the camera and pleaded to him.. He wouldnt listen to me.. I remember crying that evening and hiding my face in the pillow and going off to sleep like that.. :-)

The next morning i woke up and wore the prettiest dress i had and got ready to attend the farewell party.. Dad came to me and gave me a hug.. said "I'm sorry for talking to you harshly last night dear.. you still angry with me?"

I made a sad face and said 'Yes'.. Its ok.. I dont want to talk to u.."

He smiled and said, "oh! How sad! You and the camera both are angry with me.. who will smile for the picture when i say cheese?" :-)

I just jumped and screamed in Joy.. "Appa, u got a camera? wooow... Thanku.." and hugged him tight.. My mom was seeing all this and said, ah! finally both dad and daughter are happy? Good.. Now Smile Pleaseeee... and me and dad smiled looking at each other.. I then got ready and went to school and 'showed off' my new camera to all my friends.. It was great fun seeing them envy me.. Clicked a lot of pictures and felt so proud..

Such lovely days.. Was reminded of all this when i came accross my Kodak KB 10 camera last evening while cleaning up my cupboard.. Life seems to have moved so fast with all the new technology of digi cams and handy cams, features of digital zoom and special effects.. But some small things like these still bring a BIG smile to your face..

I rushed downstairs happily with the camera in hand and called out to appa.. Showed him my most prized possession and he was thrilled too.. Gave me a big grin and said,"he he.. say Cheese!"

A perfect Kodak moment isnt it? :-)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Pet craze!

Conversation at office today:

Me : Hello, How are you?
Colleague 1 : I'm fine. Thank you. So, What did you do over the weekend?
Me : Oh, I had gone to Regents park. It was a beautiful place. Had a good time..
Colleague 1 : Oh, Thats nice.. I was at home but the coming weekend is going to be a busy one.. My sister and her husband want to go out over the weekend and i will be going to babysit their dogs!
Me : Sorry??
Colleague 1 : I said i will be going to babysit their dogs.. They have 2 cute Dalmations and they cant be left alone at home u see..!!
Colleague 2 : Oh, Thats lovely! So are the dogs coming over or you will be going there?
Colleague 1 : No.. I'll be going there and staying there for 2 days.. Okie, Catch u later.. Got to get ready and leave early.. They'll be waiting for me..

Me (To myself): Who? Your sis or the Dogs?? :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Experiments with cooking! ;-)

I must admit, I’m a pampered girl at home.. Mama’s princess.. I’ve never had to enter the kitchen until now.. The only exception to this being making a cup of coffee or to prepare Maggi noodles because mom doesn't like preparing it and when I feel like having something I get a little stubborn at times.. :-)

Having landed in London and having tasted English food for the first 2-3 days, I started realizing how important it is for one to know cooking.. he he.. :-) The problem is that I’m a vegetarian and London is quite expensive.. So I decided, come what may, I’m going to begin cooking at home..

Completely excited about my idea I rushed to the nearby mall to pick up vegetables for my first attempt to cook.. Purchased lots of fresh vegetables and came home completely enthusiastic.. Wanted to prepare a hot cup of coffee first.. Hence, went to the kitchen and started looking for the knobs to switch on the gas.. Searched for almost half an hour and then realised that the gas stove here works on electricity.. and I didnt know how to operate it.. :-)

Wonderful! Sat down for a moment and started wondering what to do next.. Like I told you, when I feel like eating something, I just have to have it.. Then struck a wonderful idea.. took a cup with milk and added the sachet of Nescafe that was available and added sugar to it.. Took the glass and put it in the microwave.. he he.. 2 minutes and the coffee was ready.. Heard of someone prepare coffee in a microwave? Silly me! Felt quite proud of myself though! Survival of the fittest they say.. ;-)

Had the cup of coffee and then came the dilemma of what to cook.. Now that I didn’t know how to operate the gas, i had to find a way out.. Stood in front of the microwave and began wondering what to do.. Slowly I was losing my patience as my mind was going blank.. Out of frustration I banged the black shining slab in front of me and Lo! I heard a series of beeps and some numbers with lights flashing on the slab which scared me for a moment.. Moved a step backward due to the fright and then realized.. It was the gas stove.. :-) Yahoooo.. Finally found out how to operate it.. he he..

Now, time to tell you what and how i cooked.. hmm.. Lets keep that story for another day.. But for now, Recipes most welcome.. :-)

My First flight!

Something that I never gave so much importance to all my life – Travelling abroad.. Right from my childhood, I have seen my friends going crazy about travelling abroad… feeling great about seeing new places, meeting new people.. But I was this total introvert who used to hide behind my grand mom when there used to be guests at home.. :-)

Hence, this travel to me, was more of a nightmare than something that I should look forward to.. The moment I got to know that I would be travelling abroad, the questions that popped to my mind were “How would I manage staying alone without ma and pa?”
How do people manage to leave their family and friends and spend so much time all alone… Would I be able to manage such a big responsibility that’s been given to me?

My mind filled with so many questions, I somehow managed to convince myself that this change was really needed and it would help me in a lot of ways to develop myself and i was so correct..

Reached office and got to know that my flight tickets are booked and that I would be travelling by British Airways – Business class! Told my parents and friends about it and they were really happy for me.. Not many from my family has travelled abroad for business and this was a very BIG thing for all of them.. I should say, some of my friends were even jealous that I am getting to travel business class and not economy class..!!
Yes! First flight and I was going international.. Not many get such an opportunity and I’m grateful that I’ve got such a good chance.. So, then I began planning for my journey and stay at London.. Friends, family all of them began helping me shop and pack things for the trip..

The day finally arrived when I had to leave for London.. My uncle came and picked me up from home to drop me at the airport.. Reached the Bangalore airport by 4 in the morning.. As we were nearing the airport, I screamed with excitement, “Hey, we r reaching the airport” and my sis almost fell down laughing at me..

Anyways, after all the baggage check, I waved goodbye to dad, uncle, sis and R and got ready to get into my first aircraft.. Was totally amused and impressed at the way I was treated by the lovely air hostesses.. My friends had scared me regarding how I may throw up or feel giddy during the take off.. But guess my excitement was greater than all that.. The Plane took off and it was such an amazing experience to fly..

Very thrilling to see the land beneath you and just endless blue of the sky all around.. It was beautiful.. Never experienced something like this before.. As the flight progressed and I looked out of the window, I could see the clouds so clearly.. Felt like they were cotton balls hanging in the sky.. So cozy.. Wish I could just hug them.. :-) Saw the varied amount of beauty in nature, like the mountains, sea and water all of them from a different view.. and travelling above the clouds was something that I just cant express.. Had an amazing time.. 10 hours seemed to have just vanished in no time.. Here are a few pics of what I saw.. Hope you enjoy it too.. :-)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Here I am..

Here I am.. With stories of my adventures and of course Misadventures in London.. :-)

This trip definitely comes with a lot of firsts.. First time being away from home for something like 3 months, First flight, First travel alone, First abroad visit… Will take you through all of these in my coming posts..

How it all started was like this:

Was out with my best friend for dinner one night and both of us were just discussing about our life and work and suddenly I get a call from office saying that I’ve been chosen to go to London for a process transition. It would be for 3 months, I would have to learn a process completely and come back to Blore and implement it here and I would be accompanied by a colleague during the trip.. For a few minutes I didn’t realize what was being said and I casually said “No Problem, I’ll be there..” Before I could even complete the call, my friend was super excited about the whole thing and she was screaming in joy.. You are going to London? Wow… That’s great news.. call up mom n dad n tell them.. You must be feeling on top of the world..

I was still lost.. wondering what had happened and how I would manage staying away from home for so long.. Then called up home and told mom and dad about the trip and they were very excited too..

Slowly It started sinking into my mind.. Felt a little happy but at the same time was nervous and excited and sad.. Too many feelings at a time.. :-)

Felt really grateful for such a good opportunity to see a new country.. Experience a new culture, see different people and their lifestyle.. Then Came back home.. Still a little lost and a little unsure about the whole thing..

Then just decided, I’m going to enjoy myself in the coming few months completely.. Was always waiting for a chance when I would get to be on my own.. Completely independent and taking decisions on my own and living my life.. This is the chance! The phase when i would be able to live my life to the fullest and experience something that i had only seen people dreaming about.. Getting ready to face one of the most interesting phases of my life.. :-)

Sango Londonwali! ;-)

It sure has been a great month.. Right now, am sitting beside the window looking out at the cold and foggy streets of London.. Yes! London it is..!

I'm in London on a project from my company for 3 months..
Its been a lot of firsts and am slowly learning a whole lot of things and seeing and experiencing different things.. Will update details of my travel and experiences in the coming posts..However, for now.. Here are a few pictures that may be of some interest to you all.. :-)

Friday, January 25, 2008


Dedicated to all my friends..

1. Friends always make sure they don't notice the haircut you've spent a bomb on (Oh... You really had a haircut?? Looks all the same...)
2. And always make fun of your fashion sense (That's a t shirt? He he.. tumhe kaafi suit karta hei!)
3. Friends die of shock when you tell them a hot boy said you're cute (You??? Did he say this before or after you had that pimple?)
4. Friends spend a major part of their lives introducing you to the world of abuses and then pretend to be shocked when you use it (You're not such a young conservative Brahmin girl after all....)
5. Friends never let you forget the mistakes you've made (remember how u reacted after spilling juice on Ur dress that day?)
6. Friends come up with bright ideas to have ice cream in peak winters and convince you to do the same
7. Friends indulge you with the yummiest desserts and chocolates because they know that's the way to cheer you up
8. Friends cover you with a blanket when you're curled up on the train berth
9. Friends always have a story worse than yours, a love life worse than yours, a problem worse than yours or so they make you believe when you start feeling low
10. Friends download the coolest music and pass it on to you without you even asking

Friends really have this strange way of knowing exactly what you want them to say when you're down, exactly when you need a hug, when you need a pat, when you need a laugh, when you want to be alone.... And you love each and every one of them despite all their strange mad ways! :-)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Love Triangle??!!

What happens when 2 women are in love with the same man?
There is bound to be jealousy... And what if the two women share the same name, the same spaces and sometimes even the same kitchen? Arguments? Competition?

So, how exactly can the man play the balancing act?
He would like to believe that he is treating both of them fairly. He loves both the women in different ways. However, sometimes one relationship may take a back seat over the other due to the time-span of the relationship and vice versa. But definitely he would have his preferences...

And how about the women?
From their point of view, the object of either’s love is same but the degree, totally different... And these two women love the man too much to blame him, so the blame goes entirely on the other woman in his life. And that is when the conflict begins and the man gets pulled into it whether he likes it or not.

Problem problem...

A little bit of intelligence could sort this out easily...
1. They should have the basic understanding that neither of them hates the other
2. Space- to each other – Hey! Be practical. The guy cannot always take only you out for shopping or some function- both of you can join him during some of the occasions...
3. Sportsmanship – Come on! Be a sport- one of you HAS to be second. Both of you can’t be equally good at everything – be it cooking his favorite dish or being his listening ear or being his best friend…
4. Times do change – you could be or would have been in the other’s shoes some time or the other…

Oh yeah! I completely forgot to mention one more thing... The 2 women I’m talking about here are the Mother-in-Law and the Daughter-in-Law! ;-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

New year Tag..

A very happy and prosperous new year to all of you.. Just thought this was a good way to begin the year.. A very simple one.. You'll have to answer this for me..

What would you say to the person you were one year ago?

Here's what i'd have told..

"You have NO idea of the adventures 2007 is going to bring! You will be amazed at how much change will happen in the next 12 months. You wouldnt have seen this much growth, happiness and love from people so far. Embrace every moment and never, ever, doubt yourself. Be the powerful and balanced person you are and you will always achieve your goals.. All the best!"

May be i would also add a small note saying "Thank you for making the choices you did, because I wouldn't be where I am now without you.." :-)

Let me tag kamini, Yezdi.. ;-) Hiphop grandmom, Y, Prabhu and Chandni to see what they would've told their alter ego a year ago.. Others are most welcome if they feel inclined..