Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Experiments with cooking! ;-)

I must admit, I’m a pampered girl at home.. Mama’s princess.. I’ve never had to enter the kitchen until now.. The only exception to this being making a cup of coffee or to prepare Maggi noodles because mom doesn't like preparing it and when I feel like having something I get a little stubborn at times.. :-)

Having landed in London and having tasted English food for the first 2-3 days, I started realizing how important it is for one to know cooking.. he he.. :-) The problem is that I’m a vegetarian and London is quite expensive.. So I decided, come what may, I’m going to begin cooking at home..

Completely excited about my idea I rushed to the nearby mall to pick up vegetables for my first attempt to cook.. Purchased lots of fresh vegetables and came home completely enthusiastic.. Wanted to prepare a hot cup of coffee first.. Hence, went to the kitchen and started looking for the knobs to switch on the gas.. Searched for almost half an hour and then realised that the gas stove here works on electricity.. and I didnt know how to operate it.. :-)

Wonderful! Sat down for a moment and started wondering what to do next.. Like I told you, when I feel like eating something, I just have to have it.. Then struck a wonderful idea.. took a cup with milk and added the sachet of Nescafe that was available and added sugar to it.. Took the glass and put it in the microwave.. he he.. 2 minutes and the coffee was ready.. Heard of someone prepare coffee in a microwave? Silly me! Felt quite proud of myself though! Survival of the fittest they say.. ;-)

Had the cup of coffee and then came the dilemma of what to cook.. Now that I didn’t know how to operate the gas, i had to find a way out.. Stood in front of the microwave and began wondering what to do.. Slowly I was losing my patience as my mind was going blank.. Out of frustration I banged the black shining slab in front of me and Lo! I heard a series of beeps and some numbers with lights flashing on the slab which scared me for a moment.. Moved a step backward due to the fright and then realized.. It was the gas stove.. :-) Yahoooo.. Finally found out how to operate it.. he he..

Now, time to tell you what and how i cooked.. hmm.. Lets keep that story for another day.. But for now, Recipes most welcome.. :-)


Kamini said...

You had me smiling throughout this - it brought back so many memories of myself so many years ago! Survival of the fittest, indeed - it's amazing what one can do when one has to!
Eagerly looking forward to more of your adventures in London. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

yezdi3736 said...

U knw u built so much suspense and then dint let out the secret in the end but i knw..i knw..nw kitchen is d experiment lab and u hv bcm a scientist! Gud luck wid ur experiments da :)

chandni said...


some adventure ahead eh???

what kind of recipies will u like?? Let me know and I'll email some experiments :)

Sango said...

Thanks a lot.. Anything thats Indian, vegetarian and Spicy will do.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Reminded me of my episode with the similair gs stove in London. I did not have the Yahoo moment with that one... u had to come over and actualy repeat your dicovery in my kitchen!!