Saturday, March 1, 2008

Here I am..

Here I am.. With stories of my adventures and of course Misadventures in London.. :-)

This trip definitely comes with a lot of firsts.. First time being away from home for something like 3 months, First flight, First travel alone, First abroad visit… Will take you through all of these in my coming posts..

How it all started was like this:

Was out with my best friend for dinner one night and both of us were just discussing about our life and work and suddenly I get a call from office saying that I’ve been chosen to go to London for a process transition. It would be for 3 months, I would have to learn a process completely and come back to Blore and implement it here and I would be accompanied by a colleague during the trip.. For a few minutes I didn’t realize what was being said and I casually said “No Problem, I’ll be there..” Before I could even complete the call, my friend was super excited about the whole thing and she was screaming in joy.. You are going to London? Wow… That’s great news.. call up mom n dad n tell them.. You must be feeling on top of the world..

I was still lost.. wondering what had happened and how I would manage staying away from home for so long.. Then called up home and told mom and dad about the trip and they were very excited too..

Slowly It started sinking into my mind.. Felt a little happy but at the same time was nervous and excited and sad.. Too many feelings at a time.. :-)

Felt really grateful for such a good opportunity to see a new country.. Experience a new culture, see different people and their lifestyle.. Then Came back home.. Still a little lost and a little unsure about the whole thing..

Then just decided, I’m going to enjoy myself in the coming few months completely.. Was always waiting for a chance when I would get to be on my own.. Completely independent and taking decisions on my own and living my life.. This is the chance! The phase when i would be able to live my life to the fullest and experience something that i had only seen people dreaming about.. Getting ready to face one of the most interesting phases of my life.. :-)


Kamini said...

Wow, how exciting! Looking forward to reading about all your experiences. London is one of my favourite cities (although it is prohibitively expensive) and as the weather warms up, it will only get better. I hope you have a lovely time.

Ps said...

Wow!!! Lovely to hear that.It is indded exciting--and somehow I LOVE London.I'm sure you'll have a GREAT time there.
All the very best!

Sango said...

It sure is a lovely place.. have begun falling in love with it.. :-) Its really nice to be learning about so many different kinds of people and their culture.. So different from ours yet feels like home.. :)

yezdi3736 said...

I can never forget tht momment when u actually got tht call abt the BIG NEWS and I wuz tryin to figure out wot wuz happenin just by lookin at u!! Sooo much excitement and so much of realisations tht came in gradually.
The best is yet to come ur way dearie.London just d beginnin :D