Monday, March 31, 2008

Pet craze!

Conversation at office today:

Me : Hello, How are you?
Colleague 1 : I'm fine. Thank you. So, What did you do over the weekend?
Me : Oh, I had gone to Regents park. It was a beautiful place. Had a good time..
Colleague 1 : Oh, Thats nice.. I was at home but the coming weekend is going to be a busy one.. My sister and her husband want to go out over the weekend and i will be going to babysit their dogs!
Me : Sorry??
Colleague 1 : I said i will be going to babysit their dogs.. They have 2 cute Dalmations and they cant be left alone at home u see..!!
Colleague 2 : Oh, Thats lovely! So are the dogs coming over or you will be going there?
Colleague 1 : No.. I'll be going there and staying there for 2 days.. Okie, Catch u later.. Got to get ready and leave early.. They'll be waiting for me..

Me (To myself): Who? Your sis or the Dogs?? :-)


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Celular said...

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yezdi3736 said...

Muhahahaa..lovely post!

Jo said...


hi sango,

seen some crazy pet lovers too at my work place. So much love for the animals and they ponder so much upon them, that they are left with no love to share with the humans.

keep posting