Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hum Tum again! :)

Hum : Just sketch the route out for me and I'll reach there..
Tum : Are u sure u don't want me to come?
Hum : Of course I am sure! No problem
Hum - Thinking to herself: {I've been in this place for so long and yet I'm so unsure of the routes.. Should i ask him to come along?....
No way.. What would he think of me?! I'll manage on my own! BIG DEAL!}
Tum: Ok, Take care.. Call me once you reach.. Bye.

The bus came.. she got in and waved to him. She just about settled down in the seat and her cell phone rang .

Tum: Did u get a seat?
Hum: Yes I got it.
Tum: You need to get down at the sixth stop.. don’t forget!
Hum: yeah I won’t forget. Now cut the call.. :-)

At the Fifth stop, Hum's phone rings again. Hum looks at the phone and picks it up with a grin.. it was Tum!!

Hum: I will get down at the next stop, Don't worry! :-)
Tum: Yeah I know.. just wanted to make sure!!

Hum gets down at the sixth stop and starts walking towards the exit and there's another ring on her phone.

Tum: (Sounding Happy) Good you reached safely!
Hum: Ya ya.. Thanks to you.. You are a good guide u know..
Tum: Oh really! By the way, nice weather.. How about some ice-cream?
Hum: What??
Tum: If you don't take it from me now, it will sure melt..

The voice was no longer coming from her cell phone..
she turns back and there he was.. Smiling, with 2 ice creams in his hand! :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reasons to love work! ;-)

Here are 5 Reasons i Just love my work for.. ;-)



The Ponds White Beauty commercial:
Found this ad on You tube.. Another version of the Priyanka-Saif ad thats being shown on tv nowadays.. I strongly feel such ads must be banned.. What does it portray? The guy likes the girl only because shes fair?

Where is the media today going? While there is little doubt that advertisements help sell products, equally, if such a product exists and if it is being endorsed by some of the hottest film stars, then it is merely a reflection of societal biases..

And Pleeeaaaase! Which girl would wait for a guy who actually left her because of her darker complexion? I guess the Ad-makers of today must realise that Sensible women no longer want to just look like Cindrellas for their men but want to be liked/loved for their smartness and independence rather than being liked for their Complexion! :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Babban, This one's specially for you.. ;-)

(Click on the Picture to enlarge)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The trap-tag--25 things about YOU!

Came accross this tag on PS's blog.. Very interesting.. If any of you are interested, do take it up.. There are twenty five questions below which you have to answer, using only ONE word. You can get as creative as you like — but ONLY ONE WORD. Here goes my list!

1. Your cell phone? - Identity
2. Your significant other? - Smiley
3. Your hair? - Black
4. Your mother? - Adorable
5. Your father? - Friend
6. Your favorite thing? - Nothing
7. Your dream last night? - Beach
8. The room you're in? - Lounge
9. Your fear? - Loneliness
10. What you're not? - Judging
11. The last thing you did before logging on? - Travel
12. Where did you grow up? - Bangalore
13. Favourite drink? - Mirindaaaah
14. What are you wearing? - Attitude
15. Your TV? - Entertaining
16. Your pet? - Tuffy
17. Your computer ? - Addictive
18. Favourite place? - Home
19. Your mood right now? - Happy
20. Missing someone? - Terribly
21. Something you're not wearing? - Mask
22. Love someone? - Unconditionally
23. Your favorite color? - Lavender
24. Kids? - Cute
25. Your life? - Fun

Passing thought..!

In a country of free speech, why are there phone bills? ;-)