Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hum Tum again! :)

Hum : Just sketch the route out for me and I'll reach there..
Tum : Are u sure u don't want me to come?
Hum : Of course I am sure! No problem
Hum - Thinking to herself: {I've been in this place for so long and yet I'm so unsure of the routes.. Should i ask him to come along?....
No way.. What would he think of me?! I'll manage on my own! BIG DEAL!}
Tum: Ok, Take care.. Call me once you reach.. Bye.

The bus came.. she got in and waved to him. She just about settled down in the seat and her cell phone rang .

Tum: Did u get a seat?
Hum: Yes I got it.
Tum: You need to get down at the sixth stop.. don’t forget!
Hum: yeah I won’t forget. Now cut the call.. :-)

At the Fifth stop, Hum's phone rings again. Hum looks at the phone and picks it up with a grin.. it was Tum!!

Hum: I will get down at the next stop, Don't worry! :-)
Tum: Yeah I know.. just wanted to make sure!!

Hum gets down at the sixth stop and starts walking towards the exit and there's another ring on her phone.

Tum: (Sounding Happy) Good you reached safely!
Hum: Ya ya.. Thanks to you.. You are a good guide u know..
Tum: Oh really! By the way, nice weather.. How about some ice-cream?
Hum: What??
Tum: If you don't take it from me now, it will sure melt..

The voice was no longer coming from her cell phone..
she turns back and there he was.. Smiling, with 2 ice creams in his hand! :-)


yezdi3736 said... romantic! Can i guess the Hum n Tum here? Will i get icecreams then? :D

Supriya said...

Really cute :).....and considerate :)

Adhi said...

Koi yahan par hai... tu aur kiske saath icecream kha rahi hai?? :P

Prude said...

Awwww that was so bloody cute! :-)

Jo said...

lovely this post on love.