Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Why dont people name their daughters Kaikeyi or Draupadi?
Its sad.. but history has ruined some lovely names.. what say? ;-)


yezdi3736 said...

So no more Ching ming?

Anonymous said...

Draupadi .. well she married five persons which is unacceptable in todays society.

Kaikeyi played a destructive role more than anything in ramayana.

People used to believe that women were a symbol of 'mangal' or prosperity. But well we can consider those names now as many gals roam aroung with multiple guys without any inhibition.

In other words since gals have ceased being gals anymore, these uncharacteristic names can come under the purview

Umamaheswaran said...

Sango guess u write about anything and everything under the sun :-) ..

Overa ramayanam serial pakara nu theriyudhu :-)

Sango said...

@yezdi.. More to come.. wait n watch! ;-)

@anonymous.. So does that mean that if a girl is called Sita or a guy is called Rama or Yudishtra, they would be sincere to the values that their names carried? I'm sorry, but i beg to differ..! ;-)

@mahesh.. I take that as a compliment.. he he..

chandni said...

if one removes these names from the people who had them, its all cool isn't it!

Like draupadi is a nice name itself and one shouldn't relate it now only to the chick who married 5 men and all.

PS: I think its a hedious name though!