Sunday, May 25, 2008

A kodak moment!

It was going to be my farewell day in school.. I had spent 12 Splendid years in this school which had almost become my second home.. Seemed very difficult to be leaving this wonderful place and moving on to college.. But still, there was this small feeling of happiness in me to be experiencing freedom for the first time.. But at the same time it was painful to be leaving such wonderful memories and the beautiful place and those great teachers who had taught us so much.. I wanted to capture every little moment of that day and take the memories with me..

Most of my school friends had a camera then and i didnt.. I very badly wanted one and told my dad very innocently that he should get me a camera right away, else i wouldnt talk to him at all.. Dad tried explaining to me that it would be pretty expensive for him to get a camera and there would be some cost each time we use it.. but i would listen to none of it.. I just wanted the camera and pleaded to him.. He wouldnt listen to me.. I remember crying that evening and hiding my face in the pillow and going off to sleep like that.. :-)

The next morning i woke up and wore the prettiest dress i had and got ready to attend the farewell party.. Dad came to me and gave me a hug.. said "I'm sorry for talking to you harshly last night dear.. you still angry with me?"

I made a sad face and said 'Yes'.. Its ok.. I dont want to talk to u.."

He smiled and said, "oh! How sad! You and the camera both are angry with me.. who will smile for the picture when i say cheese?" :-)

I just jumped and screamed in Joy.. "Appa, u got a camera? wooow... Thanku.." and hugged him tight.. My mom was seeing all this and said, ah! finally both dad and daughter are happy? Good.. Now Smile Pleaseeee... and me and dad smiled looking at each other.. I then got ready and went to school and 'showed off' my new camera to all my friends.. It was great fun seeing them envy me.. Clicked a lot of pictures and felt so proud..

Such lovely days.. Was reminded of all this when i came accross my Kodak KB 10 camera last evening while cleaning up my cupboard.. Life seems to have moved so fast with all the new technology of digi cams and handy cams, features of digital zoom and special effects.. But some small things like these still bring a BIG smile to your face..

I rushed downstairs happily with the camera in hand and called out to appa.. Showed him my most prized possession and he was thrilled too.. Gave me a big grin and said,"he he.. say Cheese!"

A perfect Kodak moment isnt it? :-)