Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My First flight!

Something that I never gave so much importance to all my life – Travelling abroad.. Right from my childhood, I have seen my friends going crazy about travelling abroad… feeling great about seeing new places, meeting new people.. But I was this total introvert who used to hide behind my grand mom when there used to be guests at home.. :-)

Hence, this travel to me, was more of a nightmare than something that I should look forward to.. The moment I got to know that I would be travelling abroad, the questions that popped to my mind were “How would I manage staying alone without ma and pa?”
How do people manage to leave their family and friends and spend so much time all alone… Would I be able to manage such a big responsibility that’s been given to me?

My mind filled with so many questions, I somehow managed to convince myself that this change was really needed and it would help me in a lot of ways to develop myself and i was so correct..

Reached office and got to know that my flight tickets are booked and that I would be travelling by British Airways – Business class! Told my parents and friends about it and they were really happy for me.. Not many from my family has travelled abroad for business and this was a very BIG thing for all of them.. I should say, some of my friends were even jealous that I am getting to travel business class and not economy class..!!
Yes! First flight and I was going international.. Not many get such an opportunity and I’m grateful that I’ve got such a good chance.. So, then I began planning for my journey and stay at London.. Friends, family all of them began helping me shop and pack things for the trip..

The day finally arrived when I had to leave for London.. My uncle came and picked me up from home to drop me at the airport.. Reached the Bangalore airport by 4 in the morning.. As we were nearing the airport, I screamed with excitement, “Hey, we r reaching the airport” and my sis almost fell down laughing at me..

Anyways, after all the baggage check, I waved goodbye to dad, uncle, sis and R and got ready to get into my first aircraft.. Was totally amused and impressed at the way I was treated by the lovely air hostesses.. My friends had scared me regarding how I may throw up or feel giddy during the take off.. But guess my excitement was greater than all that.. The Plane took off and it was such an amazing experience to fly..

Very thrilling to see the land beneath you and just endless blue of the sky all around.. It was beautiful.. Never experienced something like this before.. As the flight progressed and I looked out of the window, I could see the clouds so clearly.. Felt like they were cotton balls hanging in the sky.. So cozy.. Wish I could just hug them.. :-) Saw the varied amount of beauty in nature, like the mountains, sea and water all of them from a different view.. and travelling above the clouds was something that I just cant express.. Had an amazing time.. 10 hours seemed to have just vanished in no time.. Here are a few pics of what I saw.. Hope you enjoy it too.. :-)


Kamini said...

So nice to share your excitement with us. Lovely photos - especially the middle one.

yezdi3736 said...

R for Rabbit or R for Rat?? :D
And such a romantic touch to ur entire write up! waah maan gaye..