Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sango Londonwali! ;-)

It sure has been a great month.. Right now, am sitting beside the window looking out at the cold and foggy streets of London.. Yes! London it is..!

I'm in London on a project from my company for 3 months..
Its been a lot of firsts and am slowly learning a whole lot of things and seeing and experiencing different things.. Will update details of my travel and experiences in the coming posts..However, for now.. Here are a few pictures that may be of some interest to you all.. :-)


Ps said...

These pics bring back so many happy memories--Esp the Tower of London.
Lovely!(Are you liking the has browns? My kids promptly re-christened them 'aloo tikkis') :-)

Sango said...

He he.. aloo tikkis?? Super cool.. :-)