Friday, November 7, 2008

A Five word Post!

* Working from home seems good.

* I love waking up late.

* Babban treats for Sachin's century! ;)

* Sometimes uncertainities can be killing.

* Switzerland is my dream country.

* Will i visit Switzerland someday? :)

* Bugged with browsing TV channels.

* I miss the girl talk.

* Its such a lazy day.

* I'm dreaming too much nowadays.

* Five word writing is cool.

This seems very interesting.. why not u guys try it out too.. :)


Umamaheswaran said...

Lemme try it out sometime :) .. Yup its really cool..

Adhi said...

The blog was quite good..
Refreshing change from usual posts.
Howcome switzerland became a city?:)
Thought that was a country..
Hope u correct the same..
The comments follow your pattern..
Kindly blog little more often!! :)

Sango said...

@Umamahesh : waiting to see what you have to say..
@Adhi : Oops! Such a blunder! Thanks for the correction.. Hoping to blog more often.. Lets see.. :)

Does it matter said...

This blog is really interesting
Arrived here by sheer chance

TV channels are oh-so boring

Five word writing is easier
Ever tried four words instead?

Sango said...

@Does it matter :
Welcome to my blog
Never tried four words
Seems more exciting though! :)

Does it matter said...

Glad to be here
Even four is possible
Sure three won't be!

Not serious am I
Just let it be!