Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marriage and all that Jazz! :-)

I had attended a friend's wedding a few days back and it only makes me wonder as to who would the mastermind
be behind creating something like a marriage and all things attached to it... Dont get me wrong but certain customs
and traditions in weddings just get me laughing my guts out..

So, it all began with the early morning wedding rituals.. People generally speak from the bride's point of view.. but coming to think of it, its the groom who is in a pathetic state comparitively.. How else could one explain the logic of the kanyadhaanam or the mangalya dhaaranam ceremonies where the bride would be dressed in beautiful sarees like the 'madisar' and our poor groom gets to wear a ridiculously translucent panchakajam and a pancha paathram in front of him carry on the traditions.. :-)

Utmost attention is given to the bride's make up to make her look divine and beautiful on her special day but
all that the groom gets is a 'pattai' on his forehead or a 'dhrishti pottu' that ensures he looks pathetic..

Every man finds his wife absolutely gorgeous in the wedding saree.. However i'm still waiting for some girl to
tell me that she finds her husband looking stunning in his pancha kajam and vibhoodhi pattai.. ;-)

Next was the reception where the bride and groom were trying hard to smile at every tom, dick and harry wishing them.
They would be wishing the couple saying, "Do bring him/her home sometime" apart from wishing them a happy married life.. Just imagine, even if the bride and groom visit one family a weekend, they would be atleast 80 years old by the time they visit all the well wishers!!

And yes! how can we forget the tradition of women gifting 'blouse pieces' along with the thaamboolam to the women who attend the wedding.. Poor men, They usually get nothing, The lucky ones however might get something like a hand kerchief..
And if u are a girl and belong to the close family of the bride/ groom, you are entitled to a saree and men get a lousy 'shirt piece' (Usually a white with blue stripes or a beige coloured one) in this case too!

Hmm.. It sure is a woman's world out there.. ;-)


Umamaheswaran said...

Though the groom's attire is not given attention, I think if the groom is really young and decent looking.. the panchakacham fits him well..
But if he happens to be 'mama' with a receding hairline and a royal belly, It would make him look awful.
But the bride coming in the madisaru is always a sight to behold;-)

Christian marriages are the converse of it.. Mapla evalo kevalama irundhalum coat pota sooper a irupaan.. But the gown does not suit all the gals..

yezdi3736 said...

I so agree with what Uma has said, dont worry panchakacham will fit well for ur Smiley too ;)

And gowns and christian weddings always not true! Gurls drape themselves in a saree as well.Hope I get a chance to prove it :)