Monday, September 24, 2007

Indian 'Idol'??!!...

"Prashant Tamang crowned Indian idol..." The headlines today in every single newspaper in town.. Prashant is the winner of the popular reality TV show 'Indian Idol'..

Music is one such blessing that can soothe, energize and make one express things that words can hardly do.. It can heal the most bitter of human rifts and create a strong bond forever..
Prashant is not the sole example of this.. there have been a lot of others like 'Abhijeet Sawant' - the 1st Indian Idol, 'Shreya Goshal' - a SaReGaMa finalist,'Sunidhi Chauhan' - part of the 'Meri Awaaz suno'... and lots more.. These talent shows provide a platform to the young and the talented to do well and excel in their respective fields.

Makes me think.. whats it that has brought such a big change?? From where does a shy, unheard of, simple person from a small town in Darjeeling get the confidence to face billions of people, to cheer them up, to bring them all together in unity irrespective of their caste and creed? The only answer i get is "MUSIC"

A lot of reality shows prove just the same.. The show "Indian Idol" has become such a rage everywhere.. I could never even imagine a Sepoy, from some corner of Nepal would become one of the most sought after singers in the country..
A person who was hardly recognised in his own neighbourhood a few months back, is now a person who's recognised and cheered worldwide..
It is not just the hills and valleys that are live with his music.. Its a craze in most of the other parts of India as well.. The programme has got young and old alike - glued to the TV sets and getting them vote and send SMSes in huge numbers to exercise their freedom of expression..

However, I just wonder, If Television and Music have so much of an influential power, why don't people make use of this for the social good? How would it be if people took a similar interest in our elections... If they 'voted' in lakhs and crores to choose an able leader!! If only our idols were more than singing or dancing sensations..!!! :-)

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