Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Compact Disc!

Me: Pa, I bought a music CD today.. Lets listen to it..

Pa: Music CD??

Me: ok ok, before you could ask.. A music CD or a 'compact disc' is something like yourcassette tape which plays music.. Its a storage device and you can listen to a lot of songs - close to a 100 songs with just one CD!

Pa: Wow! What nice things they invent nowadays.. ok ok, play some old songs, we'll listen to it

Me: ok.. Here goes.. "Paatu paadava.. paarthu pesava....."

Old Songs were being played for a while and Pa was completely impressed. After a while he called out to me..

Pa: Hey, come fast, come fast...

Me: What happened?

Pa: I think the songs on this side are over.. Turn the CD and play it from the other side..!!

Me: ??!!!!! :-)