Monday, October 8, 2007

Fair weather friends!

Yesterday i happened to call up a friend to remind her of another close friend's bday.. I'm this kind of a 'reminder service' for my group of friends cuz they are the typical "oops! i forgot!!" types.. :-)

She was really thrilled n happy listening to my voice when i was actually scolding her for forgetting bdays as always.. i asked her "whats the matter with you? Hows your health now? not been eating a lot of ice creams again isn't it?"and she goes on to say.. I haven't.. But know what? Am really happy to get a call from you.. from the time i've come here, I've only been getting calls from so called friends or relatives who suddenly want to know how i am, whether everything is fine or i need something... These people were never around when i actually needed them.. When i was a nobody there in India.. Just because i've come here to do my higher studies and have found a decent job, all of them want to revive their relationship with me.. I'm so glad u called up amidst such Fake people just to re-assure me that there are true friends as well.. "

I was quite happy speaking to her, but what she said somehow made good sense to me.. Just when a person tastes success, there are a huge bunch of people who crop up from nowhere.. people whom you wouldn't have heard of for years together but suddenly they want to know about you, make some reason to get into your good books..

I feel disgusted about such Fake people who keep in touch just because they would be getting some benefit out of you rather than wishing good for the person..

I would rather remain with a few good for nothing but true friends, than have friends who are with you just because you are successful in life..

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