Monday, December 17, 2007

Age Does matter! ;-)

Hum: Hey, Its my birthday tomorrow.. what gift have you planned to give me?

Tum: Aha.. Thats nice.. but i give gifts only to young girls.. not to the ones who are as old as twenty five!

Hum: Huh! Twenty five??? Thats not true.. Its Twenty four..!

Tum: No.. I can Prove it..

Hum: how? go ahead..

Tum: ok.. Take the case of a baby, Twelve months after it is born, it is one year old on its first birthday, right?

Hum: **Thinks Cautiously** Yeah, correct!

Tum: So, On your ninth birthday you are nine years old, and so on and so forth..

Hum: **Counts on fingers of both hands** ok.. thats right!

Tum: So on your Twenty-Fifth birthday, you will be Twenty-Five!

Hum: Wait..! Surely the baby is born on its first birthday? so, twelve months after birth it would be her second birthday and she would be one year old.. **Feeling quite pleased with the answer**

Tum: Doesnt make sense.. It cant be your Twenty-fifth birthday and you still remaining twenty-four! That Proves, your actual age is Twenty-five and you are OLD!!! So, you are not eligible for a gift from me!! ;-)

Hum: ???!!!

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