Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Doubt!

Starting off a new series..

As i couldn't think of suitable names.. I'm naming the characters 'Hum' and 'Tum'.. Just that 'Hum' would be the girl and 'Tum' the guy! :-)

So here goes..

Hum and Tum meet on world environment day..

Tum : Hey hi!
Hum : Hi.. How are you?
Tum : Fine. Thanks.. By the way, whats with all the Khadi and wooden stuff all over you?
Hum : I'm wearing a Jute salwar and Eco friendly slippers made of wood.. Isn't that great! All my friends admired it and said its lovely!
Tum : hmm.. but i just have a small doubt.. You are wearing wooden slippers na..
Hum : yeah
Tum : So if theres a damage, where would you go? To the cobbler or the carpenter?!! ;-)
Hum : Grrrr!!!