Saturday, December 1, 2007

Opposites Attract!

Hum : I Just loved the film.. It was so cute.. what say?

Tum : You know what? There are certain things i don't think I'll ever understand..There was absolutely no logic in the film.. a guy, a girl falling in love with each other, running around trees wearing the wierdest clothes possible,everything going topsy turvy and finally they lived happily ever after.. How can u tolerate such films?

Hum : Dairy milk?

Tum : I'll take 'Fruit and Nut'

Hum : OK, Shall i prepare coffee for us?

Tum : No. Tea

Hum : Can we go for a long walk?

Tum : Can we watch Cricket on TV?

Hum : We are so different.. Such opposites.. Completely.. How do u think things would work out for us?

Tum : Have you heard of the phrase 'Opposites attract'? We are like that.. Whoever said that people who think differently don't gel well should see us.. Its the feeling that we have for each other that counts..
Whats the fun if i agree to everything you say.. Life would become so boring.. Where would the variety and spice come into our life then?
If we agreed on everything then how will we argue or fight? How will you feel jealous?
How will i patafy you and how will i get to see that shining smile?

Hum : True.. Its the differences that we have that makes our life so exciting.. That's what we are made of and that's what i totally cherish and love you for.. If it weren't for that then may be i would've never fallen so crazily in love with you.. :-)

**They smile at each other**

Hum : Hey, i completely forgot.. You know, Shahrukh's movie would've just begun!

Tum : Oh no.....!!


CresceNet said...
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Kamini said...

Oh, you could have been writing about my husband and me! We are so different, that often I wonder how we managed to stay together (happily) for so many years! Very nice post.
Kamini (

Sango said...

Thanks Kamini.. :-) It sure is something that most of us would relate to.. and yes! cheers to both of you! :-)

yezdi3736 said...

Simple and candid! :)

ilayaraja_rerecordings said...

Is this concept of Hum- Tum , the man and wife yours or u dabbafying from somewhere else( cut, copy, paste).

Its still good anyways...

Sango said...

@Yezdi.. Thanku.. ;-)

@Sugeeth : The concept/character names(hum tum) are the same.. but the contents are sure different..
Suggestions for better names are most welcome.. :-)

ilayaraja_rerecordings said...

hum-tum nalla dhaan irukku ... let it be the same.