Friday, December 28, 2007


I had almost come to the conclusion that there arent any more kids who enjoy playing with balloons.. building castles on the sand.. playing gilli danda.. or finding enjoyment in tasting cotton candy...

There was a fear growing in me that the kids nowadays have become addicted to computer games and the million video games featuring guns and fighters and have forgotten playing with real people.. But the 10 year old Prithvi (We call him Pipi) proved me completely wrong..

"Bubbles aata naanu aadthini" (I'll also play with bubbles!).. he said..

He's such a darling isnt it? :-)


Hip Grandma said...

glad to know that we still have kids around.i thought we only have mini adults

Kamini said...

This made my day. Yes, thankfully there are many, many children who are happy (and whose parents allow them to be this way) just being themselves.