Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Hum: “Look at that Beautiful purple sari! It will look so good on me. Isn’t it?”

Tum: “Do you really need another sari? You hardly use the ones you already have.”

Hum: “Come on, my friends have seen all the saris I have. I really need a wardrobe update, honey.”

Tum: “If you buy the sari, you’ll be tempted to buy that “Beautiful” Jewellery set that matches it. And the next occasion to wear a sari is Sankranthi, that’s a long way away.”

Hum: “Cha, occasion is what we create! I can throw a party and invite all our girl friends and tell them to dress up. Everybody will be so happy!”

Tum: “Aren’t u getting late? We were supposed to go to your parent’s house as well...”

Hum: “Ya ya..! But just look at the sari... I can get a matching blouse done for it... Something which has bead work and a deep neck at the back...”

Tum: “He he..! Deep neck?? I can see your parent’s reaction right in front of my eyes now.. They have a problem with even slightly short shirts.. Talk about a deep neck!!”

Hum: “Why do you bother about what my parents will think?!! I won’t wear it when I meet them... ;-)”

Tum: “Be practical. Do you really want to spend your hard-earned money for a sari and jewellery that will sleep in your cupboard until the next wedding in the family?”

Hum: “Oh, how can we walk out empty-handed now that we’re here? That would be quite embarrassing.”

Tum: “You should never have come. Think about it, there are so many people who can’t afford even a meal...”

Hum: “Now, there’s no need to get so philosophical about clothes and jewellery. What’s wrong with wanting pretty things?”

Tum: “OK, I’ve told what I have to... You decide, but before you make a final decision, tell me … do you think you’ll make a greater impression on me when you’re dressed in an awesome sari and heavy jewellery or when you’re wearing absolutely nothing but a simple and cute smile?” :-)

**Hum just melts...!**

Hum: Aren’t we getting late? We have to go meet mom n dad as well...

Tum: What about your Sari and Jewellery?

Hum: What sari?? :-))


Hip Grandma said...

reminded me of my daughter who buys saris,wers them once or twice and hands them over to me.generation gap i suppose but i crib all the same.

ilayaraja_rerecordings said...

Wats that hum, tum for? Does it stand for husband /wife in some language or what?

And secondly, you think a gal's gonna fall for that dialogue? ;-)

Sango said...

@hip grandma : My mom does the same to me.. So i'm the priviledged one at times.. :-)

@Sugeeth : Hum Tum means me and you in hindi.. and btw, innocent girls who fall for such dialogues still do exist!! ;-)